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Life Insurance


Life insurance provides security for your dependents when you can no longer take care of them. The beneficiary will be able to pay expenses such as remaining mortgage payments, final expenses, children's education, and more. There are different types of Life Insurance listed below.


  • Term Life 

  • Whole Life

  • Universal Life

Term Life Insurance

This type of policy is typically the most affordable, as it allows coverage for a limited period of time. People prefer this type of policy because it provides coverage for specific financial responsibilities, such as a mortgage, college tuition, etc. in the event you are no longer able to.

Whole Life Insurance

Aside from offering guaranteed premiums, death benefits, and cash value, Whole Life policies provide the potential to earn dividends, which can increase death benefits for your beneficiaries, or increase the value of the policy while the insured is living. Whole Life Insurance may be a good fit for you if you want protection for life, consistent payments year over year, the ability to add money to the policy on a tax-favored basis, or to get cash value while you are living.

Universal Life Insurance

Like permanent life insurance, but with flexibility. This offers you term life protection at a low cost that comes with a savings component, which can be provided as a cash value build-up. This plan can be adjusted as your situations and circumstances change.

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