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Home Insurance


​​The idea of buying insurance is to make sure you are financially secure in the event of a loss. You pay a relatively small fee today in exchange for guaranteed coverage in the event of an unforeseen loss in the future.

Fire Insurance

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2011 there were over 1.3 million fires in America with an estimated loss of $11.7 billion in damages. These were mostly fireplace or cooking-related, or the result of faulty electrical wiring. The typical household partakes in these activities on a daily basis. We need to protect against these unfortunate circumstances.


Having Fire Insurance can provide you comfort and put your mind at ease. Imagine if you fell into these statistics and were a victim of a home fire. Most home fires leave your home declared uninhabitable by the fire authority. Most Fire Insurance policies cover expenses such as hotel and restaurant bills and more!

Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance is intended to protect your investment property. Landlord rental property insurance covers your rental properties, single-family, duplex, triplex and quads. Other private structures, like a garage or shed, and any personal property, such as tools, appliances, and furniture, stored on-site or provided by you the landlord, for use by your tenants is also covered.

Landlord's rental property insurance comes in two types:

Landlord's Rental Dwelling Insurance

This policy covers you if you own a detached rental building designed for one to four families. It covers internal and external fixtures of the property.

Landlord's Rental Condominium Insurance

If you own a condo and rent it out, this coverage is for you. This covers the inside walls and other internal fixtures.

Earthquake Insurance

Most home insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. Even if you don't live in an area where earthquakes are common, you may still need earthquake insurance.

90% of Americans live in seismically active areas. Earthquakes have happened in 39 states since 1900.  For Southern California residents, earthquake insurance can be relatively inexpensive and necessary protection to have. Call Affinity today to find out what the costs would be for your home.

Condo Insurance 

You don't have to worry about the structure of the condo you live in because the association is insured and will cover any damages. However, their insurance policy does not cover your personal belongings, such as stolen items from a break-in. If a guest personally injures themselves in your condo, Condo Insurance is the solution to these possible situations. 

Homeowners Insurance

Imagine this: you own a home, and a giant tree in the front yard falls on your house causing severe damage, and the cost to repair the property is on you. With Homeowners Insurance, your policy will cover the repair costs. This is just one example of coverage with Homeowners Insurance.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is for renters that want to protect their personal belongings like TVs, rugs, furniture and other valuable possessions.

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